The Year I Found My Momentum

Yeah, the year went by fast.

But that all just happened. And while it was a ton of fun, and I learned so much from it, I'm not done. About to begin the last half of my Junior year in high school, I have more momentum than ever before. I am not slowing down. I'm creating more, I'm doing more, I'm seeing more


I'm creating more

Portrait shoots, contract work, and adventures across the country. I worked with more people this year, and opened up my work for the world to see. I created this site to host my photography, and many future projects that I can't wait to share.


I wrote. A lot. Essays for English, Articles for GadgtSpot, and journals. Lots and lots of journals. Writing down my thoughts has granted me the chance to move my work forward; I can now see my past, and understand what I need to do to grow. You'll see a lot more of this in the coming weeks.


I'm seeing more

Boy I did quite a bit of this. This time last year I was in Gatlinburg, Tennessee meeting up with family. Over Spring Break I flew to LA to revisit Disneyland (7/10, would rather go to WDW), and at the end of the summer I had a massive road trip. Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis. Definitely the best way to break in my Canon T5i.



Speaking of which, this was the year I finally got a camera. I've always loved taking pictures, but a phone just can't match the flexibility of a DSLR. I also had my first run in with Chrome OS, which was really cool. If you want a solid laptop, don't ignore Chromebooks. Those things are powerful. 

I went from the LG G3 to the Nexus 6, and with that came the jump from AT&T to T-Mobile, and then to Project Fi. Just recently, the Moto X Pure Edition came into my life. Do yourself a favor; go mess around with MotoMaker. You're welcome.

Then the Chromebook gave way to my most recent love interest, the Pixel C.



Traveling, meeting new people, trying new things. Life, even though it sucks, can be pretty great. I don't expect people to read this and admire who I am or what I've done. I want just one person to read this and realize that it's never your life that sucks, it's how you respond. Day to day, this has been a rough year. Looking back? I wouldn't have changed a thing.


What's Next?

I'm doing more

I leave for Las Vegas in a few days. The Consumer Electronics Show is calling me, and I'm not hesitating to pick up. After that, I'm back to school. I'll audition for the spring musical, I'll schedule more shoots, I'll work more. I've got two family trips planned so far, and another business trip in the works. If 2015 was the year I found my momentum, 2016 is the year I embrace it.