The Journey

Here I am, the second day of 2016, and I'm 40,000 feet above the midwest. My first trip of the year is just begining, and I'm excited. Spending two and half hours in a metal tube with no internet is something in its own.

As I fly to my first CES, I think about what all of this means. I didn't just arrive in Las Vegas. I didn't just wake up to an invitation to one of the biggest tech showcases in the world. There was a path I was thrown on, a journey I took, that led me to where I'm at.  

There's numerous quotes and sayings about the journey, but I'm not talking about that car ride to your grandparent's house. The Journey, in its purest form, is the series of steps you take to acheive a goal. This can be points scored to win a game, or paragraphs typed in an essay. That win sure makes for a cool story, but the time and effort you put into training: the lengthy practices and rigourous workouts. Those peices make up a greater and more meaningful story. 

At the age of 14, I began as an assistant coach for my swim team. I didn't just show up and ask for a job. No one successful ever does. The year prior, I attended every practice and spent time with the coaches. I worked hard at practices, I swam my best at meets. I worked for it. And I got it.  

That story sounds a whole lot better than "I coach a swim team". Not because it makes me sound successful, not because it builds my ego. It resonates because it holds power. No one feels inspired by royalty; there's no connection. But a story with a process? A story that explains the journey? That gives you hope.  

Why? Because you can follow those steps. I know you don't have a burning desire to become a swim coach, but we all desire to be successful. And not the overnight success of Hollywood and Vine (the street, not the social network). We all desire a successful Journey. Because in the end, we all want to tell a great story.