How I got organized

I used to be a mess. I forget tasks, get distracted, and often just lose the motivation to complete something. I’m also a perfectionist. But my grades suffered, my productivity suffered, and my relationships suffered. It was time to make some changes.


I started with a sheet of paper. Every day, I figured out the 5 most important tasks: 2 I needed to do, 2 I wanted to do, 1 I depended on someone else for. This forces me to make progress on current projects, both work and personal, while also pushing someone else to get their crap together.

I still spend time each morning evaluating my infinitely long task list, and setting up an easy 5 for each day. If I get more done, I get more done, but I always push to get those 5 tasks completed by the end of the day.  



I select those tasks based on what I’m already doing that day. For any of you who know me personally, you know how crazy I am about my calendar. I put everything into Google Calendar.

If I’ve got a meeting with someone that day, I pull in the task related to that person and a joint project we might be working on. If I’ve got class, I select school related tasks.

Putting everything into my Calendar gives me a better view of where my week is going, and what I need to get done to keep things running smoothly. 


Getting organized can be difficult, daunting, and overwhelming. But taking simple steps can go a long way.

That's how I got back on track, your turn.