The California Move: FAQ

I've been getting a lot of questions about the move this fall, so I figured I'd answer everything as best I can in one place!

Q: Why Now?

A: Just coming out of High School, with no commitments and further responsibilities in the fall, I want to take advantage of the freedom and opportunity placed in front of me. Never in my life will I be in a better position to drop everything and move West, so the better question becomes "Why NOT Now?"

Q: Why California?

A: California itself is a bucket list item of mine: I love the atmosphere, weather, people, food, just everything. Bouncing back to the previous question, there isn't a better time to make a jump like this either. Also Disney.

Q: Wait, Disney?

So I'll have more news soon, but a big part of my migration motivation is work. I want to be a photographer or video producer, and there's so many important and influential talent in the area. I understand the market out there is highly saturated, so getting in, learning, and getting out to a better market is the current strategy. 

Q: So wait, how are you paying the bills?

A: That is an excellent question imaginary interviewer! I'm in the process of securing multiple part time jobs in the area, so I'll have a somewhat consistent source of income. But ultimately I want to continue working on the big projects, and you (yes you) can check out more information on that here! 

Q: Where will you live?!

A: SoCal will be an expensive move, I know, but I'm really hunting for roommates in the area right now, so if you happen to know someone who could help me out, please email me!!

Q: But will you come home and visit?

A: Of course! I don't have details yet, but keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for updates!!

If I missed anything, please ask away in the comments, and I'll update this post with the answers!