No More Comfort Zones

As humans, we are creatures of habit. We eat the same foods, see the same sights, do the same things. Jumping out of our comfort zones can be scary. 

I'm a portrait photographer. Sure, I shoot a lot of other things (here, here, and here), but portraits are my favorite. The pictures you'll see throughout this article are bonus images from Bailey Kirby's Senior portraits, and you can see the full gallery here. 

In structuring my various packages the way I do, I leave a lot of decisions up to the client. Location, time of day, outfit selection. That's not by accident either. I don't know everything: I don't know what their schedule looks like, I don't know what clothes they like wearing, I don't know where they feel comfortable.  

Ultimately, the comfort and attitude of the model (or client) is the most important. They're the ones on camera, not the photographer. 

But past that, I let the client decide so that I don't control everything. I can be very OCD about every little detail. Over time, I've scheduled my days down to the minute (which I'll probably cover here someday). Given the opportunity, I would be in total control of everything. 

Allowing the clients to make those important decisions not only improves their results, but forces me out of my comfort zones. I'm not stuck shooting the same outfits, the same locations, and the same times of day. Actually, I've yet to fall subject to that. By pushing those choices to the clients, I'm not only giving them control, but I'm also freeing myself from comfort zones, and opening myself up for a good challenge.