The Next Chapter

Photography is a medium, not unlike paint or lyrics, that allows me to capture moments and tell stories. Anyone who knows me offline knows I am a story teller, and the internet has granted me the freedom and the audience to share these stories with the world. 

Welcome to Tilt Shift: Perspective, shifted.

Tilt Shift is a style of photography that grants creative freedom outside the standard realm of capturing a scene. This alternate technique represents the search for a new perspective on the world around me. 

Today is the launch of my brand, Perryn Andrews Photography. This marks the beginning of a new chapter in my creative career. The brand gives me the chance to provide a consistent image across social media, as well as bring better content to you, the viewer. All of this is divided into categories, in which content is consolidated and sorted. Right now, there are three main categories; 

 Projects- This hosts series I produce, generally accompanied by a description. Hired projects also appear here, and are grouped accordingly. If there is something more specific than one place or one person, that will be placed here. 

Places- I love to travel, and pictures help capture that. This is where I group my favorite pictures from recent trips, and where I share my adventures through photography. 

 People- From journalistic to posed, this group separates portraits by person, which makes finding client work easy. Any portrait sessions I publish will be found here, however only my favorite shots will be included. 


Along with the photos, I am using this site to host my own personal blog, outside of anything "official".  ViewFinder,   which you are now reading, is a place for me to share thoughts and ideas in a longer format than Twitter would allow. Topics will vary outside of photography occasionally, but this is my site, and that's how I roll. This blog represents my search for new perspective (finding views), and will be a place for me to explore new themes and ideas. 

The Contact page is for client requests and, well, contacting me professionally. If you are local and would be interested in a portrait session, use this form and specify your request in the Subject field. 


I think I've covered everything. Welcome to the site, and feel free to explore the variety of content that is being added every week! 


The other side of a photograph 

The other side of a photograph