Dear Sam,

I struggle to find the words to describe the emotions we are feeling. Shock is followed by disbelief, then by sadness and anger and hatred and bitter sorrow. There is no describing what comes next. There will always be an empty chair in DuBose's third period; an empty place on the wrestling team: an empty feeling in our hearts. 


You and I were always indifferent. There were days I could not stand you, and days I knew you were one to keep around. I knew you felt the same, and we never changed that. We accepted that you were you and I was not. Through shared projects we challenged each other. Through disagreements we pushed each other. 

This indifference retains me from connecting further. You and I kept our distance. But Maumelle just won't be the same without you. You touched so many of our hearts Sam. You helped so many people, you created so many memories. There is no losing you Sam. 

You may have left us all too soon, but the people you've touched will carry Sam on forever. 

Keep on Sam. Keep on.