Chapter 2

8 weeks.

An awful lot has changed in 8 weeks. The time I used to spend casually taking pictures and editing for fun is now filled with client work and projects. This brings a new passion and drive to my work that results in higher quality content. I can only thank every one of you for that. 

Ok now that I have that out of the way, let's hit the new stuff.

The design is probably the biggest change, but don't worry, I'll get there.

This past week I finally launched the Purchases page, which solidifies pricing and procedure for every package type. This forces me to tackle work consistently and effectively, instead of just winging it every time. I now have a workflow and a schedule, which means better and more frequent content on the site for you guys. The new page also allows me to consolidate information regarding client work. If something changes, I can just update the appropriate block, instead of blasting social media. 

When designing that page, I started from your point of view: If I was purchasing from this guy, what would I need to know, and what would I be willing to pay. From there I did some math, sprinkled some HTML and CSS magic, and the current layout was born! The options are broken down to be specific enough to cater to everyone, but are simple and easy to understand! PayPal is a little quirky, sure, but it is the most effective way to provide multiple SKU's (options) and still be elegant and streamlined. If you ever have questions or problems, I'm always available to help!

A couple of quick changes:

  • GIF support! Finally!! 

  • A separate Contact page

  • A fleshed out Me section

  • A new Session Schedule button when purchasing Portrait sessions.

  • A new design! (See, I got there!)

So what's this about a new design?

When I started this website, I wanted a quick and easy way to share my favorite photos with you guys. In these short 8 weeks, a lot has changed. Client work, a massive request for Student Life images, and a larger portfolio all showed me that my website just wasn't cutting it. Because this is Squarespace, I found a new template, and then spent hours adjusting and reuploading everything until it was all perfect. I think I got most of it.

Also, if you have Chrome on Android Lollipop or higher, there's one more change just for you.

That's all I've got today, maybe I'll make this a monthly update thing? Things are constantly changing around here, so I might let you in on that once a month. Like writing new chapters? Yeah that works. What do you think?